Merry Christmas to all …

As Santa says, a Merry Christmas to all …

This Christmas morning, I went for a walk very early. I wanted to get out and get moving in the cold before everyone in the house woke up and we got started on the celebrations. I remember waking to the smells of home cooking when I was a kid and Christmas came around, and usually I do that as well, but this year we’re having a roast and everything was already prepared so I would only have to pop things in the oven at proper times and it would all work out. So, with no need to put anything in the oven early, I thought a walk in the frosty cold was in order.

I took my camera and snapped a photo of Pikes Peak to share.

Pikes Peak Christmas Day 2010

When I was making tea, I saw this guy napping on our lawn.

Deer Christmas Day 2010

When we had younger children, we always let them open their presents first. The noise is usually sufficient to gather the adults and get everyone in one place to share unwrapping. Now that I have much older kids, however, we let the kitties open their presents first. Emily inspected and then rubbed all over her new catnip sack:

Emily inspects her Christmas catnip sack

Max says the stocking still smells so good!

Max plays with the stocking

Very soon, the rest of us started opening presents and the room looked like this:

Christmas mess 2010

We fed the kitties their favorite – tuna – before we started our meal.

Kitties get tuna first

We had a lovely dinner all together, a thing which is hard with all our schedules running so counter to each other. Then, it was time for a long winter nap!

Napping Max

… and to all, a good night!

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