Nothing’s worse than a crappy Monday

It was a cold and bleak Monday – the first Monday after the Christmas holiday and it’s been a Monday to surpass all Mondays.

Let’s start with the day’s events:

1. A small plastic container – sealed, mind you – filled with 2% milk for my breakfast decides to roll over due to a fast braking incident involving a driver who felt compelled to slam on the brakes upon the light turning yellow (not red, but yellow). The lid popped off. Milk all over the rug on the passenger side. Driver slides through the yellow leaving me fuming and stuck at the red. Just mean, I tell you.

2. The gym is filled with strangers, not regulars. Now, these may very well be those early January New Resolutionists. Or they may simply be visitors due to the holiday season who are stopping for a moment in their revelry to work off holiday pounds. They were also moving SLOWLY between the machines and standing in the aisle. Apparently, they were confused by the unfamiliar layout. This is maddening to people on a schedule. I have a routine, as do all the regulars, and these distractions slow us down.

3. I get to work and find that there is a lot more to do than I have room for in my schedule. I try to move things around, re-arrange the projects, meet the immediate deadlines only to find that every single thing I start is hampered by THINGS I NEED FROM OTHERS. So what started out as a packed day turns into a day that is basically wasted poking everyone and their brother for the things I need that they haven’t sent.

4. The Rodeo – the fixed, repaired, beloved, and happy Rodeo – is making a funny whistling noise. It’s somewhere between a high whine and a hum. It stops when I press the clutch pedal. I called the mechanic. He says bring it in tomorrow. Argh! As if I’ll have time tomorrow.

5. I decide to make up the wasted day by doing some winter gardening. For those in warmer climes, this involves fertilizing, watering if there has been little snow (and there has been so little snow, you’d hardly know I live in Colorado), and raking all the leaves and pine needles onto the flower beds so that the plants are protected from future snow fall. No problem … except that the deer who inhabit our lawn were very interested in my efforts, and they wanted to follow me around and inspect things. This made me nervous because these are WILD ANIMALS after all. Still, I did all that work, keeping the hoe nearby so I could whack anyone on the noggin if they decided to get weird with me.

6. Then, I come in and go to the garage and notice that some kitty has decided to poo OUTSIDE their litter barn. Why? No idea. Their barns were cleared last night and this morning, so this was apparently a dastardly attempt to make my Monday even worse. Upon query, each of them have soundly denied their participation in this particular action. Sneaky little devils. No one is getting tuna tonight.

So, I’m exhausted. I don’t even have pictures to share with you – and that’s probably best after all. I’m pouring some liquid courage now and hunting down my knitting. It’s times like these I wish we had a big tub so I could take a long bath.

Here’s wishing your Monday was much, much better than mine!

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A mother, sister, wife, and daughter who writes, knits, hikes, and practices yoga on the west coast. Loves a zippy chardonnay or a tart margarita!

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