Knitting while it snows – what a treat!

Today, it’s snowing and as I was working with my writing projects, this is what was happening outside my office window.

Snow outside my Colorado office window

This is perfect knitting weather. The most amazing thing about snow like this is how quiet it gets. Now, we live in the suburbs but we have a big open space behind our house – it’s our own private canyon. Everyone walks their dogs through there … the deer play there … you get the picture. But when it snows, it’s like a blanket of soft quiet descends. It’s amazing and really kinda neat.

I decided I wanted to frog a sweater I’d started that wasn’t working out and find some new use for this yarn. The yarn is lovely – it’s Blue Sky Alpaca Silk and the color is a very soft pink. The pattern is the Cocoon Cardigan (Ravelry link) and I just can’t figure out the cocoon stitch. I tried it every which way and it’s just not working out. So, I frogged it.

I found a pattern for a nice Tailored Lace Scarf (that’s a Ravelry link too) to make instead. I’m roaring right along with this project and it feels good. Very easy pattern to remember and I’ve got loads and loads of this yarn, so we’ll see what’s left after.

Tailored Lace scarf with Blue Sky Alpaca Silk

I also started a simple top-down raglan sweater. Now, I’ve had this yarn called Primero from Brooks Farm for a long time and I just keep trying to figure out what to knit it into. I’ve got my gauge swatch and it’s washed – after this yarn is washed, it gets really soft. Before it’s washed, however, it seems a bit stiff. This is going to be one of my New Year’s Goals (more coming on that later), so I thought I’d get it started.

Simple Raglan sweater with Brooks Farm Primero yarn

… and it keeps snowing:

Snow outside Colorado home office window

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