And Just Like that, I Frogged it

I know that I just blogged about starting this lovely Tailored Lace Scarf project with the Blue Sky Alpaca yarn, the same yarn I had frogged a sweater to retrieve, but I don’t like the result. Not the yarn, and not the pattern, but THIS yarn with THIS pattern.

Tailored Lace Scarf - frogged

The resulting scarf is simply too thin and perhaps it’s all the snow falling and slowly burying my house, but this yarn, while lovely, is not the right yarn for me in this pattern. And so, despite the fact that I just started it, I frogged it (rrrrippp!) and wound the yarn back up into it’s yarn cake.

I’ve also made a decision – and it’s a big one, so hang onto your hats!

I’ve decided I don’t like non reversible scarves. I just don’t. A scarf, to be useful and easy, must be reversible – appreciated on both sides, showing it’s glory no matter how rushed I am when I wrap it around my neck. It’s not about my less-than-careful dressing either, it’s the simple fact that it takes an extra step to stop and examine which way to wrap it, then another level of care in the actual wrapping effort in order to ensure that the underside doesn’t show that much … it’s too much work.

A reversible scarf is the epitome of easy, you can even wrap it on your way out the door, as you juggle your keys, bag, workout bag, knitting bag, book for the gym, lunch, and a few other items. Yep, I must look like a bag lady as I cross the garage and toss it all into my truck, but it’s the required stuff to get through the day.

It’s simply a requirement – a scarf must be reversible. I’m going to knit only reversible scarves from now on.

Well, of course, except for the lovely juicy treat here and there that I simply can’t resist. Like the Saroyan scarf edged with leaves and beads, which is coming along and should be finished in a day or two.

Fourteenergirl's Saroyan Scarf with beads

After that, I’m going to start the Hollygrove Scarf from Three Irish Girls. I’m planning to use my White Zinfandel yarn (I ordered a second skein from the Loopy Ewe last week) in Fiesta Ballet (an alpaca blend I am very fond of). The chart for this reversible scarf is simply terrifying, but it will certainly be a challenge.

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