Knit a Sweater in 2011

Of course, this kind of thing is no big deal for more experienced knitters than I, but I keep starting and frogging sweaters in between all my slightly more successful knitting projects. This year, however, I’ve decided I will knit a sweater I can wear.

So, I picked a very simple top-down raglan called Simple Summer Tweed Top-Down Raglan (that’s a Ravelry link) because after reading it, I pretty much thought I could do it with a little help from my knitting teacher here and there when I got into trouble.

So, of course, I got right into trouble. Now, this pattern – to be fair – is noted in Ravelry as being for those who’ve some experience knitting a sweater. Of course, my only real experience with knitting a sweater so far has been 1 baby sweater and a whole lot of frogging. In the pattern, I misunderstood the instructions and through I was knitting the front and then the back, but as I was knitting along, it just didn’t feel right. You know what I mean? When you’re knitting along, following the steps to the best of your knowledge, but it just doesn’t feel right. Like something’s wrong, but you don’t know what it is.

So, with my resolution to “knit a sweater I can wear in 2011,” I carted my butt and my knitting project down to Needleworks to ask my knitting teacher if I was doing it right or not.

Turns out, I was not doing it right.

So, I frogged work I’d started (thankfully, I didn’t get far before the inner idiot warning system was fully activated).

Knit a Sweater in 2011 - frog alert

You can’t see the writing on the sticky note very clearly in this picture, but it reads: “Ask Joanna – am I on track w/the back? I don’t understand the v-neck portion.”

I wound the yarn back into it’s cake, set the markers in a pile …

Knit a Sweater in 2011 - all frogged, starting again

… and I started again. This time, I used my stickies to create a chart to count both the front AND the back increases.

Knit a Sweater in 2011 - the second try

So far, it’s looking much better! Even better, it feels right … you know, like I’m not arsing it up this time.

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