Knit a Sweater in 2011 – part two

OK, I admit I’m not the most knowledgeable knitter in the world and I will never catch up to the likes of the knitting geniuses … but! I did think this would be a reasonable goal in 2011.

Knit a sweater I can wear.

It doesn’t have to be beautiful, just wearable. I just want the experience of knitting a simple sweater that will keep me a little bit warm. If it’s ugly, I’ll only wear it inside the house. Simple, right?

So, I picked a simple pattern and that may have been my problem because I picked a pattern that is written for people who already kinda know how to knit a raglan (and I don’t). Plus, I have a problem that is typical of people who’ve been doing technical writing for many years – we make the mistake of assuming the pattern, recipe, instruction set is written by someone who really knows how to organize content. This pattern is written, instead, in a knitter’s kind of shorthand and that’s the author’s right. This person took the time to write down their shorthand steps and put it out there for free and dozens of knitters have jumped on the pattern and made their own sweaters with it, so I’m all clear that the fault is my own lack of knowledge.

Here’s the problem:

Knit a sweater in 2011 - part two

… see the sleeve stitches? Their numbers aren’t growing and that’s because I didn’t understand that ‘work SLEEVE raglans’ means ‘work these sleeve stitches for your raglan’ or something like that.

Knit a sweater in 2011 - ripping out again

So, for the second time, I’ve ripped the yarn out and wound it up again and I’ll cast on as soon as I get the bathrooms cleaned.

Knit a sweater in 2011 - wound again

No, I’m not avoiding this project … the bathrooms really need a cleaning!

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