I hate my bathrooms

Wow, now that’s a snappy title for a blog post, and I have to say it’s true. For such a nice house, it was still built in the ’70s and it has needed tons of updating. We’ve never had the time or the cash to tackle all of it at once, and so now we’ve decided it’s time for the bathrooms.

So, I had the girls move all their crap into the guest bathroom on another floor and we started taking their bathroom apart. Both of our primary bathrooms – the girls’ and our master bathroom – have huge mirrors stuck right to the wall, just like a cheap apartment.

Bathroom mirror coming down

It peeled off the wall fairly easily, but we have large patches of glued areas to fix. Yech!

The girls’ bathroom is large and comfortable, but it has gold AND chrome fixtures as if the previous owners simply couldn’t agree. Then, they failed to install a fan so there are spots where the paint has peeled and mold has begun. Plus, it’s painted this hideous color my husband has dubbed ‘imperial pond scum’.

The color is Imperial Pond Scum

Yech, and more yech! And then the vanity is old and worn and needs to be re-painted (at the very least):

Ugly bathroom vanity

So, that’s our fun for the weekend.

On the other hand, while we were putting away Christmas decorations, someone got decided to get into the fun plastic boxes:

Max inside the plastic storage box

… see his eyes?

It's a Max in the box!

What a goof. It’s a Max-in-the-box!

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