There is usually a method to my madness

So, I told you that I hated my bathrooms … it’s true, I do, however, they are on their way back into my heart. It was a long weekend, involving paint, dirt, dust, stain, and ice (more on that later) but we are on our way to having at least one nice bathroom on the top floor of the lodge.

So, on Friday, the bathroom was looking like this:

ugly bathroom

… for the cheap seats (or those who haven’t read the blog in awhile), that’s Imperial Pondscum on the walls, an old vanity that needs serious help, and a big flat ugly mirror. This morning, we had removed the bathroom vanity top, textured the walls where the ugly mirror used to be, applied paint to the ceiling, removed the trim around the window.

Still, the Imperial Pondscum reigns supreme. Can you tell that I have issues with color? Anything in the realm of green usually makes me feel icky and Imperial Pondscum ranks right up there with icky. Here’s another view:

ugly bathroom - alternative view

Now, I started with two lovely shades of grey (to go with the rosy pink tile on the floor), but the middle color of grey was just too light. How did I know? I painted a big swatch of it on the walls – that’s the ‘method’ part. I discovered it was too close to the ceiling color and that’s just not gonna work. That’s the ‘madness’ part.

So, out we go on Saturday night to the place where all DIY homeowners go – the Home Depot. We ordered a new double-paned window (what else is there in Colorado?). Then, I picked up a different purply-grey – something much more like the silverscreen look I was going for and we put that into the jeep.

Then, and because we are tired and hungry, off we go to see Ice on the Avenue here:

Old Colorado City

… and yes, there was ice carving:

Ice on the Avenue Old Colorado City 2011

… and we had a little pizza and wine. (Sorry, no photo, I was really hungry and I ate it before I took a picture!)

Then we bought two of these:

New leather couches

Now, what do new leather (reclining!) couches have to do with method and madness? OK, here’s the deal: I’m going to be an empty nester! That means I get nice new furniture because the girls are taking the green stuff they love and I am happy to get rid of. That also means I get to have leather things that I would never have thought I wanted to buy or recline in. Reclining? Really? That’s just not me … that’s the neighbor Richard who hardly is seen outside the house without his pajamas and a beer. I like Richard, and he has told me he has a recliner.

Soon, however, we will be owners of such fantasies as leather reclining furniture and we aren’t really sure how to take that … we believe it will be a good thing, but like chocolate, you don’t know how good until you try it. We’ll see if it’s as good as chocolate.

So, a renovat(ing) bathroom (we’re not done yet), new furniture, big changes all around, and Max is still his happy self:

Max, such a happy big guy!

It’s nice to know that some things remain the same. Seriously, this is one guy who knows how to enjoy a desk. Geez dude, I need to work here after all.

So today? The bathroom looks like this:

ugly bathroom restored

I know it’s hard to see with the light – my apologies, I’m exhausted. The walls are freshly painted, the vanity has the first coat after primer, and the colors are fantastic. Yes, I know it took me two gallons to get to the right shade of silverscreen, but … like I said, method to the madness folks. Wait until you see the finished product.

Max, get out from under the plastic!

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