Interesting uses for office supplies

My cats are like my kids – unique, varied, intelligent, and innovative.

As we have so many changes going on at home, there are many things going into and out of boxes. Thus, there are a number of boxes for kitties to play in.

We cut a couple of holes in one box in an attempt to distract Max (who is less than helpful even if darned cute with any project we try) …

Max in the paper box

… this goof is using both ends to full attack advantage:

Max in the paper box

Until he realized he couldn’t fit back through the hole and decided, after dragging the box around the room for a bit, to toss it off himself.

Max tosses the paper box

Roxy is happy in the lid.

Roxy is happy with the box lid

Emily would rather nap on the laptop case.

Emily napping on the laptop case

Smart girl.

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