Sunday Laundry, Knitting, and Football (not)

Last week, our dryer heating coil went out again … I would say it’s the dryer, but I think the poor thing is just overworked. I complained about it, insulted it even, and then Mr. Man reminded me that the dryer is running ever day of our lives. He’s right too. We generate a lot of laundry in this house and I don’t see that ending anytime soon given our busy lives and the stuff we have going on every week.

So today, I’m writing this blog post from the actual laundromat – one of those wash, dry, fold places where you take your laundry and use their machines and pump quarters into them like you are a banker. Simply nuts and boy is this place busy! It’s full of college students, cute couples who are doing their laundry together or singles who are working their mobile phones and waiting for the wash to get done. It’s a whole different thing.

Since it’s so busy, I’ve decided to stay out of the fray by sitting on top of the washer smack in the middle of the five I’m using. Like I said, we generate a lot of laundry and the dryer has been chugging away on no heat for awhile now, so the piles of laundry have turned into Mt. Laundry – a summit to be achieved. Besides, by sitting up here – I had to climb up like it was the kitchen counter top – I’m in a perfect position to kinnear and so I am.

Kinnearing at the laundromat

Mr. Man is home getting ready for the playoff football games, but he brought me another fiver so I can convert that into quarters for the dryers – geez, this place is a little money maker! He’s already ordered a new heat coil thingy – he’s super handy like that – and he’ll get it installed when it comes in. Still, we needed laundry to get through this week and since I couldn’t care one little fig about football, here I sit.

Kinnearing at the laundromat

And now for an update on the knitting sicheation. I started to knit the Hollygrove scarf with this yarn:

String Theory yarn in Black Cherry

… but it was much too dark and I was afraid the lovely cabled pattern wouldn’t show up. So, I changed tactics and started this rib and cable scarf (that’s a Ravelry link) with the yarn instead. I think it will work well.

So, I’ve decided to tackle the Hollygrove scarf with this lighter-colored yarn from Fiesta.

Fiesta yarn in White Zinfandel

The color is White Zinfandel and it’s the most luscious stuff when knit up. I’ve already got one cabled scarf in this yarn in the Snow colorway and I wear it all the time. The drape is lovely.

Palindrome Scarf in Ivory

It is a heavier fabric, so it’s important to know that; however, this is Colorado and we get cold without a good heavy scarf to keep our neck warm.

Next, I’m motoring right along with my top-down raglan sweater. As I predicted, I’ve needed help from my knitting teacher, but it’s coming along.

Damn, the washer I’m sitting on just switched to a cold rinse and my butt is freezing! I brought some knitting and one of the seats just opened up. I’ve got … let me check … 4 minutes to finish and so it’s time to sign off.

Knitting at the laundromat

Here’s to the brave appliances that make our lives easier. Sort of. 🙂

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