Almost an unveiling, but not quite

We’ve been renovating a bathroom and had to order a new double-paned window (it’s a slow update process to replace the single-paned ones with double-paned, energy efficient windows one by one) and a new vanity.

These kinds of things take time … and so we have a partial unveiling of our progress. The lamp is up:

New bathroom light installed

… and the new shower curtain and rod are installed:

New shower curtain and rod installed

The painting is all done and the toilet is put back and the shower and tub are scrubbed clean. I picked up the new vanity and we put it in the upstairs hallway. To be truthful, it was really heavy and so Mr. Man and a boyfriend who had come over to study did that lifting. Hey, a girl’s gotta use those big muscle-y things sometime, right?

New double vanity - composite marble

So, the double vanity is of composite marble and it has two integrated sinks, which means the entire thing is poured in a big mold somehow and it comes out as one piece. The place where we bought it (a place called Manstone, which totally cracks me up), wrapped the top in plastic and this clear plastic went over the two sinks. This fascinated Emily and Max who would sit on the vanity – cats like anything different, they feel they need to inspect it carefully – and walk across the vanity, but they would not step on the plastic over the sink even though they could feel it with their feet.

I took a ridiculous number of pictures of Emily trying to figure out why she couldn’t get into the sink – all unfortunately were blurry:

Emily inspecting the vanity

It was hilarious to watch as they worked and worked to figure it out. They pawed at the plastic, pushed on it, but they would not cross it. They walked around the sinks just as if the plastic hadn’t been there.

Emily wonders, “Why mama? Why can’t I lie in the new sinks?”

Emily and the new vanity

Soon little Miss, soon I promise.

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