A new bathroom!

As part of the continual renovations going on at the lodge, I noted a couple of weeks ago that I hate my bathrooms. Today, I hate one of them a whole lot less.


newly renovated bathroom

Emily helped with the installation of the vanity by inspecting the sinks:

Emily inspects new sinks

Mama, this is much more like it … I like a good sink to sit in!

Emily inspects new sinks

This one is just right too. Max helped by measuring the space between things:

Max measures spaces

All I know is that I’m always more than just a little impressed by my husband because he just knows stuff, like how to put together faucet things and hook up drains and put in windows. It’s completely amazing to me and I really, really appreciate it.

So, one more look?

newly renovated bathroom

What’s next for the old lodge? Well, we still have to put in the double-pane window in the bathroom (that comes in this week) and then we get to move into this bathroom while we renovate our master bath. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun? Not really, but it’s always fun when it’s done.

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