Baby, it’s cold outside!

Holy moly – it hasn’t been above freezing all week and it’s been well below zero every night this week. The poor heater just goes and goes. All around our Colorado lodge, the kitties have taken to finding odd spots to curl up in and try to stay warm.

Emily is cold

Don’t you love how they put their front paws over their faces and noses?

Roxy has taken to curling up on the stairs:

Roxy is cold

Max is using the scoop at the top of the kitty tour to keep warm – do you see the blowing snow out the window?

Max is cold

Seriously, he’s too big for that spot, but he’s so cold, he’s wound himself into a tight ball of fluff to keep warm.

I managed to get a cowl done over the weekend, and it was washed and has been trying to dry all week. Of course, Max helped it dry too:

Max helping the hand knit cowl dry

It’s the Noble Cowl on Ravelry. I knitted it in Fiesta Ballet yarn. The color is Poppies – it’s part of their flower suit of yarns, I believe. It looks lovely when there isn’t a big fat cat lying on it:

New Nobel Cowl - hand knit in Fiesta Ballet yarn

I’ll need to wear this tonight. With a scarf, and another one, and some gloves, and a hat … or two. Geez!

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