When the Kids Move Out on Their Own

I thought when you had more than one kid, they didn’t hit you with things all at the same time. I’ve found out over the years raising my daughters that that’s just not true. Although 21 months apart in birthdays, these two separate individuals are uniquely linked and they’ve often done very big things at the same time.

Some examples: my eldest didn’t talk in full sentences until the youngest blurted out a full sentence as one of her first forays into speaking. My youngest got out of high school a year early to follow her sister to college as rapidly as possible. Neither of them bothered getting their drivers’ licenses – practically a requirement for life in the west – until the other one was ready to do it.

So, it was hardly a surprise when they decided to get an apartment and move out of our home at the same time. Luckily, I had loads of lead time to get used to the idea and my independent and amazing daughters did it all themselves: reserving the truck, finding the boxes, rounding up help. The only thing they couldn’t control or handle was the weather and it was a balmy 2 degrees with blowing snow and ice. Lovely. Of course, what would a move in Colorado be without snow?

Some photos of the intrepid moving crew loading the truck:

Loading the moving truck

and more loading:

Loading the moving truck

and more loading:

Loading the moving truck

Here’s the team (aren’t they cute!):

Moving team

Now, their rooms look like this:

Empty rooms when the kids move out

… all that space. What shall we do with it? We have much to contemplate with all these life changes.

Still, if you’ll notice above, they look happy, confident, and ready for this move. They’ve been back, of course, for socks they forgot in the wash and other little things. Each time I see them, they seem a little more grown up, a little more mature, a little more settled and each time I’ve seen them lately, they are happy.

What more could a parent want?

P.S. That cute boy on the right? That’s the guy who earned a hand knit hat. Now, I just need to knit him another one for his big head. Should have measured his head first!

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