Everyone needs a break, right?

Folks, it’s been awfully damn cold. I’m not one to complain about it – I did after all move to the high mountains to be out of the heat that’s prevalent in the South. I get it. I don’t get to complain about it and I’m not complaining. I’m just saying that two full weeks of below freezing temperatures is really, really cold.

That’s all I’m saying.

Yesterday, I drove far north through the big city to a town way up by the border of Colorado to spend the day with my sister. Our day involved some of this …

Yummy margarita from Rio

… and a little of this:

Pedicures at SheShe

It might seem silly to put lovely sparkle polish on toes that will remain stuffed inside warm socks and heavy boots for many more months this year, but I know they are cared for and pretty and that’s really what matters. Remember the movie with Goldie Hawn where she joins the military and does her toes even though she knows no one will see them? I get it. Completely.

It was a delicious mid-week treat and I really needed the time with her. I got caught up with her, and what my niece and nephew are doing and I got to meet their new dog – a complete spaz that’s too quick for pictures until she completely collapses in front of the fireplace. What a hoot!

I spent time knitting these socks and watching Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

String Theory socks in Black Cherry

The next day, I got to see the kids off to school. The little one got to go to Starbucks with me so I could get caffeine for the road and she could wrangle a beautiful cupcake – perfectly boxed – for her lunch.

Then, I drove the long road home …

The front range of Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak finally sits in sunshine above my neighborhood – it’s good to be home.

Pikes Peak above Colorado Springs

Now, I’m home and so glad to be here. I’m working away on projects and happy with a cat lying in between my arms on the desk as I type. I’m catching up on the laundry here and there too. Plus, it’s above freezing today. The sun is shining and it’s supposed to be honest-to-goodness warm tomorrow. You know, something above 40 degrees.

It’s a good thing because I could complain about the cold.

But I won’t.

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