Happy Valentines’ Day!

It’s so easy to fall in love, it’s so easy to fa-alll in love.

Remember that song by Linda Ronstadt? Ouch, the disco era.

Anyway, it’s all fair on Valentines’ day, right?

We hang this heart on our front door – in the front and back because we have two hearts that we connected and flip over the top of the door. Get it, two hearts? Aww … OK, enough.

Two Valentines' Hearts

Look what Mr. Man made over the weekend:

Chocolate covered strawberries

Whenever we go to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (our local chocolate hotspot), I always try to get the chocolate covered strawberries. If given the opportunity (or when he doesn’t slide them onto my plate), I sneak strawberries from his plate too. I think he noticed I’m kind of a strawberry freak.

Why not too? They are delicious and so good for you. Then again, when you dip them in melted chocolate and drizzle them with vanilla bean white chocolate, who needs dinner? Or breakfast for that matter. This was the plate yesterday. Hint: it didn’t look like that this morning and it doesn’t look like that now.


Happy Valentines’ Day everyone!

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