Sometimes the pattern and the yarn don’t cooperate

Back in January, I mentioned starting the Hollygrove scarf in the lovely Fiesta Ballet yarn. Well, yesterday I did just that and after wrangling with it for awhile – trying to add extra stitches to the pattern to make the scarf a bit wider, trying to work through the first rows of the scarf, putting it down, making tea, trying a few more rows, I realized that this yarn does not go with this pattern.

Fiesta knitted into Hollygrove

This happens all the time to knitters. I think only the really experienced knitters always get the yarn-pattern match just right the first time. It’s apparently not my luck today.

The yarn is lovely and the pattern is delightful. I know the pattern says gauge isn’t too important in this project, but it comes down to personal preference too. I like a scarf that’s a little wider than it was turning out to be.

So, I frogged it and started another Palindrome scarf with the yarn. I can add more stitch repeats to make it a little wider to accommodate the drawing in that’s inherent in cables and ribbing. Plus, I’ve done a scarf like this in Fiesta Ballet already, so I know it will work and there is some comfort in knowing the hand knit item will turn into something you love.

To work something new, however, I have to say that the Ribs and Cables scarf is coming along nicely.

Ribs and cables scarf in String Theory Black Cherry

This will meet the Loopy Ewe first quarter of 2011 challenge – knit something new with cables.

It also means I’m keeping to my rule – scarves should be reversible. It just doesn’t make sense to have a scarf that’s only pretty on one side. It’s just too hard to wrap it successfully (after a glass of wine or two) and I just don’t need the further complication in my life. Clothes, especially accessories intended to keep a person warm, should be easy and comfortable. That’s my rule and I’m sticking to it!

The weather the past few days has been well above freezing – into the 50s if you can believe it. The kitties have enjoyed the heck out of the fresh breeze through a few (not many) open windows and doors.

Emily and Max enjoy a bit of fresh air

More cold weather coming later today with blizzard (BLIZZARD!) warnings for the mountain areas just to the west of us. Nice little break.

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