The camera committed suicide and other marital adventures

It’s been quiet here and not because I haven’t had a lot going on or a lot to say – it’s because my camera committed suicide. At least that’s Mr. Man’s version but the camera and I know what really happened. At least he’s not blaming Max who is too fat to jump up on the railing of our lodge where the camera was before it fell to its death.

I knew better – I have these moments where my mind tells me “Stop! what you are doing and put that thing in a safer place.” I ignored it and that’s what I get for it.

Mr. Man is lucky he’s cute. He’s buying dinner on Sunday, so it all works out.

So, without the benefit of pictures (a new camera – in red! – has been ordered), I’ll let you know we started the next DIY popcorn ceiling removal. We’re slowly working through the girls’ empty rooms to renovate them into something more useful for two empty nesters. I’ll post pictures when I get them off his camera later today.

Each of their rooms had a ceiling fan, so those had to be removed before the scraping could begin. Scraping the popcorn – acoustic – spitball, whatever you like to call them off the ceiling is a disgusting but quick job and we got one room done already.

In other news, I have kept true to my February plan of practicing yoga and I’ve gone at least once a week – usually twice – since. It feels great. Yoga has these unpublished and probably quite personal benefits for me:

I feel taller
I breathe deeper and more fully
I am calmer, more aware of my surroundings
I’m more open, able to connect to others
I sleep deeply

I don’t know if this is how every yogi feels, but it’s amazing stuff. I also have an incredibly sore body. Sore muscles all across my upper back and down my arms in particular. Oddly, my sides are also sore but everything is sore in a good way.

In addition, the sweater that I started is starting to look like … a sweater! How amazing is that? I have photos to share of that too, again after I get them off his camera.

So, home renovations, sweater knitting, lots of writing, and much yoga, that just about sumes up this quiet period.

Back soon!

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