A new book arrived – Colorado’s Fourteeners

Yarn isn’t the only thing that gets delivered to my doorstep. A publisher sent me an e-mail (before the bathroom renovation) and asked if I would review this new book. Apparently the book is going on a blog tour. I said, “Sure, sounds like fun!” So she kindly sent me a copy.

So, here is the book’s photo op:

Colorado's Fourteeners, from Hikes to Climbs by Gerry Roach

I haven’t read the entire thing, but skipped around and reviewed hikes I was familiar with. This book is a very thorough guide and we’ll definitely be using it this summer.

There are color photos and maps throughout the book:

Colorado's Fourteeners, from Hikes to Climbs by Gerry Roach

Each climb is described with multiple routes, so if you are curious about a different view and want to avoid others on the trail, there are well explained options for doing that. The essential details about each peak is listed clearly, and the sections are well organized.

I particularly found the history interesting. I had no idea that so many people have done all the fourteeners at top speed – in days, in fact!

Even if you weren’t interested in bagging fourteeners per se, this book has an immense number of hikes in it, with information about winter closures, dangers, and where to see the best views on each hike.

The best part? I finally found the directions to get to the other trail heads on Pikes Peak. People have been telling me they existed for years, but no one could tell me where the heck they were. I’m planning a weekend trip to locate the Crags Campground Trail head soon because I’m leading a pack of women up Pikes this summer. Heck, if we can knock out some of that mileage with a bunch of newbies, then I’m all up for it. I’ve already climbed the full 13+ mile route twice and back. Been there, did it (twice!), got the t-shirt.

P.S. photos taken with Mr. Man’s camera, which I’m not familiar with as I wait for my new one to arrive. Sheesh!

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