It’s starting to look like a sweater!

Remember that I said one of my goals this year was to knit a sweater I can wear? Well, here is the start of it:

Knit a sweater in 2011

… it’s starting to look like a sweater, isnt’ it?

Work has been absolutely nuts this week and so the sweater has languished on the needles, mocking me from the desk until I shut it up by storing it in a project bag. It’s not like I didn’t want to knit, I just did not have time. Not a single minute to spare this week.

We started working on the DIY popcorn ceiling removal effort as well. Blech! Can I just say, this is actually a pretty easy effort, it’s just messy as all get out. It’s dusty and filthy and we have to cordon off each room with plastic. It looks like this:

DIY popcorn ceiling removal

… and the floors have to be protected too.

DIY popcorn ceiling removal

It’s like scraping sticky mud – that’s what it feels like and sounds like as it goes Splat! on the plastic below. What a mess. But the texture guy comes on Monday, and so it must get done.

Max is no help:


… and Emily is pissed I’m working so much:

Emily is cranky

Look at that face! My goodness, it’s treat time for sure.

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