It’s completely filthy in here!

Oh good lord … the texture guys are here and there is noise and dust and it’s getting completely filthy in here. I’m reminded how much I hate home remodeling projects every time I do them. I’m then reminded how much I love finished home remodeling projects when they are finished and things are cleaned up and put away and it’s all lovely again. It’s kind of like forgetting the pain of childbirth when they hand you a beautiful baby … well, not so much as that I think.

Texturing the walls

Anyway, anyone who has done any type of home remodeling knows exactly what I’m talking about – it’s dirty and noisy and a downright pain in the arse, but when it’s done, it’s so cool it almost makes it worth it.

Almost … you see I wasn’t kidding about the dust!

Home remodel mess

So, now I’m typing on a keyboard that’s got a thin film of dust over it. Everything has this thin film because no matter how tightly they tape up the room they are sanding, it sneaks out. Dust is like that. It’s sneaky stuff.

I’m not going to clean it up either because they are coming back tomorrow to finish the job and really, why do it twice? I’ll wait.

The ceilings and walls are looking so wonderful and the next step is my favorite – painting! My guy doesn’t really like painting, but I do. I love the fact that it’s so quick to see results. It’s not days, it’s minutes and pop! you see results. I can’t wait.

I’m gonna get a craft room! I’m gonna get a craft room! (insert little wiggle dance here)

First, I need to go outside and cough for a bit. Blech!

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