One year older – a Birthday in Taos, New Mexico

Last weekend, we had a birthday celebration with family in this house in Taos, New Mexico. We started out early so as to spend a little time in Taos on our own.

Heading to Taos, New Mexico

The house was lovely. The owners had put up a Happy Birthday sign with blocks, which was a cute and sweet touch.

Happy Birthday in Taos, New Mexico

We had a pretty courtyard and huge views of the mountains on all sides:

Courtyard in Taos, New Mexico

The views were of lovely blue sky all around.

Courtyard in Taos, New Mexico

We visited LaLana Wools but it was often closed and when we went back the second day, it was closed again. So we ended up at The Yarn Shop which was in a terrific little courtyard — called the John Dunn Shops — off the main square.

The Yarn Shop, Taos, New Mexico

This was our favorite shopping area … and Mr. Man is not a big shopper. He’s lovely about visiting yarn shops with me and this unique area had shop dogs who were friendly and loved to snuggle. So we enjoyed the heck out of it. We had lunch with margaritas of course.

Margaritas at Antonio's

We had the party on Saturday night after all the family had arrived. We cooked beer can chicken (sorry, everyone was laughing at the concept and taking pictures, and I forgot to get pictures from here on). There were dozens of cupcakes from MyaBella cupcakes:

Cupcakes from Myabella

We got in the hot tub every night to enjoy the sky covered in stars (hard to get a picture of those). The sunsets were simply gorgeous!

Sunset in Taos, New Mexico

And this is for Mr. Man who says I take pictures of my food but I only blog pictures of alcohol:

Danish at Michael's in Taos

… he’s probably right. This is a danish from Michael’s restaurant where we had breakfast there EVERY SINGLE DAY the food was so good. Great omelets with green chili. So yummy!

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