Everything slows to a crawl with a job

It’s not like I haven’t been working … I just have been working many more hours and much harder lately. Of course, that means that everything else I’m trying to do slows to a crawl. Painting the upstairs rooms, for example, seems to be taking forever.

This is what the craft room looked like on Monday:

Painting the craft room

… then, it got a little better after I painted the ceiling and the interior of the closet:

Painting the craft room

… and now I’ve completed the ceiling and the first coat on the walls:

Painting the craft room

Still, it just takes forever. The color is Rosewood from the new Behr collection (paint and primer in one). I love Behr paint as the darned stuff lasts well and a damp cloth takes just about any marks off quickly.

Of course, I haven’t started on the other room yet – it still looks like this after the texture guy was finished:

New guest bedroom

So, I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Other changes include this fluffy thing taking my chair every time I get up to make tea:

Emily snatches the warm spot when I make tea

… and this four legged fluffy thing jumps into the warm spot on the bed when I go to the gym in the mornings:

Max snatches the warm spot on the bed

He’s fast and persistent too, which makes it hard to make the bed before noon.

I’m taking a break on Saturday to do a hike with my hiking girlfriends though because I’ve been inside the damn house all week long! Well, except for getting to Wednesday Night Knitting Club where the table looks like this:

Wednesday Night Knitting Club

I’m not complaining though. I’m loving this writing job and working at home is a fascinating change.

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