A fresh new perspective through paint

As we take over our house in slow, sure empty nest moves, I have to say it was a little unsettling painting over the colors in my girls’ rooms. I thought about the posters and pictures that had hung there as I plugged the holes with wall putty. I kept thinking about how the girls would periodically re-arranged their furniture and how their favorite things changed from beanie babies to computers and MP3 players. These were the rooms they spent most of their growing up time in and it was a little strange and weird to strip everything out, and slap new paint over the old.

It’s a fresh new perspective through paint. Paint’s like that though. It is a small change that makes a big difference. A fresh coat of paint can revitalize a room, take it over, make it yours. When the girls were younger, I gave them mostly free rein on what colors to paint their room. This room started out in some basic color and changed colors at least three times I can remember.

The empty nest takeover

I have a theory about this, and you can click away immediately if you couldn’t care less (I won’t know), so here it goes: kids have only one room in which they get to put their stuff, express themselves, let it all hang out. So, while they live with us, I think it’s a good idea to let them have that room and do with it (within reason) what they will. Otherwise, they won’t know what they like and won’t be able to make those kinds of choices when they grow up.

Of course, every parent who wishes to raise strong and independent children who will grow up to be thinking and independent adults will at times wish they had done it differently. It happens. That’s all part of the joy/pain though. While it was unsettling to take over these spaces which were formerly NOT mine and make them into something more mine, it’s also part of my growing and changing process.

So, the smaller of the rooms is slowly being converted into a craft room – right across the hall from my working office. All my knitting supplies are stacked (crammed?) into the bathroom to keep them out of the way of the paint and dust, etc.

Knitting supplies awaiting their new room

Poor pile of knitting supplies. I can’t wait to get them out of there! The new craft room has a fresh rosewood color on the walls.

New craft room, fresh paint

I’ve found and ordered a large new bookcase for my knitting books and supplies. It will be delivered tomorrow after the rugs are dry from the efforts of the carpet cleaner guys, who are here today making all kinds of stuff come out of those carpets with lots and lots of steam.

It’s a process.

The new guest bedroom now has a fresh blue-green color on the walls.

Fresh paint on a new guest bedroom

It’s starting to come together – bit by bit.

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