The empty nest takeover plan in action

As we continue our empty nest takeover plan, we noticed the other day that if you stand in one spot, you can see all the fresh colors in all the rooms.

Empty nest colors - the Colorado lodge

In order left-to-right, those colors are:

  • rosewood
  • silverscreen
  • sea blue-green
  • and some other blue I can’t remember (we painted that room years ago)

Isn’t it fun to see all the colors? I love color (as you might imagine).

In the craft room, there are still floor boards to put on, one closet door to sand and paint, and the primary door to sand and stain but today the new bookcase came in:

New bookcase for craft room

… and I couldn’t take it any more. I had to get all my knitting junk out of the bathroom where it had been stored to keep it clean and safe while the work was going on and put it into the craft room.

I’ll just have to be a spry minx when I help Mr. Man put the floor trim on, but to my credit, I kept most of the stuff in the middle of the room so we still have access to the outer walls.

Knitting stuff all spread out

The curtains still have to be hung:

Curtains for new craft room

Emily is freaking out (and growing orange? must be a setting on the new camera) about all the stuff moving around again.

Emily freaking out over the knitting moving again

Now, if I stand in the hallway, I can look one way and see my craft room and right across the hall is my working desk. When I get stuck in the writing, I can go across the hall and move stuff around until I figure out the problem. When I’m done with that, I can trip back across the hall and write some more … it’s ideal!

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