A room of her own

Virginia Woolf insisted that “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction…”.

More specifically, she held that a woman should have 500 pounds per year and a room with a lock on the door. For her own money, Woolf relied on an inheritance from her aunt; she claims it was given to her “for no other reason than that [she] share[d] her name.” The sum was 500 pounds per year, for the duration of Woolf’s life; the same amount she insists is vital to any woman wishing to write.

Well, I’m not writing fiction (much) and I already have an good space for writing.

Now, however, I also have a craft room – a beautiful, delicious space in which to be creative. It has fresh paint and clean carpet and a new bookcase:

A room of her own - a craft room

I’ve been knee-deep all weekend in my new space, putting things away, sorting, organizing. I went shopping for a comfortable chair and finally found one:

A room of her own - a knitting chair

And there were other signs of change this weekend. Tiny daffodils and crocuses peeking through the mulch on the lawn of The Cliff House:

Tiny daffodils and crocuses

And cute baby deer sleeping in the rock bed by our pond.

Baby deer at our Colorado lodge

The weather has been simply amazing – in the 60s and 70s and no snow, so we spent the weekend hauling hoses around the lawn and hand watering everything. We have to make sure our new tree gets watered through the first few winters until it’s a bit bigger.

Now, for a little time to sit in the big knitting chair … work first.

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