Waking up the cat

Here’s something to note: sleep is of the utmost importance to me. When I don’t get it, I’m cranky – I mean, crankier than most people are ever cranky. I don’t know how insomniacs do it. I really don’t … and I have the utmost respect for people who can’t get regular sound sleep.

So on a recent night when Max, who shall be referred to as Maxifer for this post (think Lucifer, the devil), spent the night waking me repeatedly for snuggles, I just about killed him. Normally Max will climb in our bed during the night, purring hard and looking for snuggles. This is not an action that requires a full wake up. We can pat him a bit, give a few rubs around the ears, tell him he’s a good boy and that’s enough until morning.

Not this night.

It was full on snuggle need warfare and nothing but the complete attention would do. So, I cooperated for awhile, but when he went away (probably to investigate some odd sound he heard) and came back over and over, he was no longer my good boy. He was a little poophead that had to go somewhere else, anywhere.

So, after this epic struggle for sleep, I decided that in no way was this boy going to sleep for very long during the day. Hey, turnabout is fair play. So, it was ‘wake the cat’ day.

Waking Maxifer all day long

Here is the first time I found him in the sun on the new knitting chair. I snuggled him, woke him up, sat him up and patted his head before I left.

I even set my computer to warn me every hour – find Maxifer and wake him up! An hour or so later, I found him in the same spot and did the same thing: woke him up, snuggled him, sat him up … I even pointed out the birdies he could watch out the window.

Maybe if I pretend she's not here, she'll let me sleep

Another hour or so goes by, I get up, put on the teapot and start the hunt again. By this time, he’s so pooped from being woken up, he isn’t even trying to relocate to safety.

Waking up the cat

He looks like how I felt this morning when I got up … ┬áheh, heh. Revenge is sweet.

Another hour or so and another wake-up call. This time, he was prepared. He didn’t even argue with me when I picked him up, rubbed his head vigorously and put him back in his spot.

Waking up the cat - one more time

See those wide-open eyes? It’s working.

That night, he slept hard, just like a good boy. That was a couple of days ago and it’s a cloudy cold day here … now, where is that cat? It’s too quiet and I’ll be darned if he’s going to wake me up tonight.

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