Emily’s Zen Examination Travel Path

When exploring new things like furniture, cat must make a careful examination as to whether said object may remain in cat Zen space. If cat determines object shall not be accepted, object will slowly but surely be destroyed by any manner of cat skills and cat efforts — all of which are precisely effective and useful to cat without regard to human feelings or needs.

First, we must pretend the humans are not watching us – this is very important to cat’s Zen examination process.

Emily's zen object examination - step 1

Excellent, we have managed to completely ignore watching humans. Next, we must proceed very carefully to determine whether new object is worthy of cat’s Zen space.

Emily's zen object examination - step 2

This may take several moves and require much time, but it is a devotion and not a fast reaction to new object, which we may determine we hate or love with appropriate consequences to evolve as a result.

Emily's zen object examination - step 3

Then, we must examine how object works within cat’s Zen space. This is an important step because all things must have a direct purpose to cat. Humans may pay the bills around here, but cats will determine the outcome of success of any object placed within their space.

Emily's zen object examination - step 4

It seems that this particular object is helpful to cat Zen activities like bird-watching and is deemed relatively supportive of cat Zen efforts.

Emily's zen object examination - step 5

This object is therefore deemed useful and it shall be allowed to stay. Especially since it is placed where the afternoon sun falls – an affect which very much pleases cat.

Emily's zen object examination - step 6


Thus,  new object is confirmed as pleasing to cat.  *whew*! mutters human

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