Knitting a Springtime Boneyard Shawl

This knitting project started out so simple – make a quick, easy Spring-time wrap. The pattern seemed simple and quick to knit, but I had to pull it out at least three times … I could not figure out the M1L and M1R.  I kept getting increases that left holes and unfortunately, that’s not what the project photo called for … so, I turned to this site for help on the increases. They have these videos that show how to do increases in knitting – including the type I was trying to do.

Thank goodness, because this particular knitting move is (while probably a no-brainer to experienced knitters) a little awkward to learn and unfortunately not quite explained in The Knitter’s Companion for this reason: the book fails to describe how the M1R knits through the front loop and while that may seem obvious, it’s not to knitter who are struggling with the fact that M1L is knit through the back loop and M1R is so darned tight!

So, as usual, I worked up my cheat sheet on an index card. I find using index cards useful because they are a little bit stiff — enough to stand up to being crunched and crushed into project bags inside knitting bags and carted around. Plus, I can use my own shorthand to describe it the way I understand it.

The result? I’ve got a nice start on a shawl that is the perfect color for Spring, which will be in a month or two give this is Colorado (so, I’ve plenty of time to knit it).  As a result, the shawl is starting to look right:

Fourteenergirl's Spring-time Boneyard Shawl

Notice, no holes in the increases down the center or at the sides.

Another shot as the shawl grows larger:

Knitting a Spring-time shawl

Much nicer. It took awhile, but I finally got it.

Knitting a Spring-time shawl

Now, I wish there was an explanation for the name of this shawl: Boneyard Shawl? It just doesn’t sound happy to me, but I’m sure there’s an explanation.

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