Camera woes solved

A month or so ago, my favorite point-and-shoot camera bit the dust and I bought a new one. Thus began the great camera struggle of 2011.  The first camera that came in wasn’t what I wanted, so I marched down to the store and upgraded it and thought I was just fine.

Then, I realized all the pictures this camera takes are fuzzy.  See?

Max is fuzzy with icky camera

That’s why all the blog posts of late have had simply crappy pictures. Just crap.

Now, I’ve long wanted to get a ‘real’ camera and take a photography course so I can understand how to use it and how to get really great pictures. My old point-and-shoot (the Nikon S60 touchscreen) did well and I loved it. It was  easy to understand, easy to tuck into my pocket, easy to work with. I wanted something similar and thought I got it in the Nikon S70 but either due to my own lack of knowledge or just a bad camera, I could never really get good pictures out of the darned thing.

So, a few days ago I went into an actual camera store. Now, my old favorite in town was Shewmaker’s, but they’ve gone out of business. That company was great, great service, excellent support, and helpful folks. They just couldn’t make it work in an economy where most people look and touch in the store, then go online to buy it cheaper. It’s a reality and it’s sad that it put them out of business.

So Wolf Camera was in town and they were pretty helpful. They handed me camera after camera and I held and played with each. There is a new Olympus model with classical retro styling that’s just lovely. My dad is partial to Olympus, but  I’m partial to Nikons. Oddly, their DSLRs did not have good grip.  Grip is important to me because a camera has to feel safe in my hands, not like the darn thing is going to slip out or I might drop it.

I ended up with a Sony A33 and I’ve been snapping a few shots over the last new days.

Clear picture of flowers

Nice clear shots.

Clear shot of Emily

No fuzziness, no blotches.

Clear pictures of daffodils

I think some folks are getting annoyed with all the snapping.

Max all clear now


Would you look at all the ears pointed at me?

Look at all those ears!

Even the neighbor kitty stopped by to check out the racket:
Neighbor kitty

Even the details of the screen are better. Ah.

Now, I just have to get the strap figured out so I can carry this silly thing.

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