Cat toys for the chronically busy (or lazy)

I read in the Wendy Knits blog about this new toy – it’s an automatic red dot called Bolt Interact Pet Laser and it’s available at ThinkGeek. If you have a pet who is addicted to red dot, this just might save you a lot of time. In fact, as I type this Max is racing up and down the hallway chasing the dot.

It started out a couple of days ago like this:

Automatic red dot toy


And then, Emily had to come examine the situation. Where did it go Max?

Emily gets into the fun with automatic red dot

Max was curious about the white tower thing making noise over there.

Max deciphers red dot

Hmmm… that’s a kind of noisy little box, isn’t it? Then again, there’s that red dot!

Get the red dot Max!

Side note, you can see that with the warm weather, Max is shedding by the little fur puffs on the carpet, I need to drag out the vacuum today. Sheesh! Hair everywhere.

This is what he looks like when the red dot goes quiet. It runs for 15 minutes or so and then automatically shuts down.

Turn it back on please?

Turn it back on please? No, you need to go lie down somewhere and be quiet now. Mama has to work.

Tired kitties then rest on the knitting in the craft room. I’ll probably have to vacuum that today to. *sigh* At least he’s tuckered out finally.

Tired kitty

Enjoy your day!

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