Often, it’s the little things that make the most difference

Since I work at home and I often start my days early, I’ve discovered that the sun sometimes has a way of interfering with my plans. For example, the sun’s position these days is right behind my desk and when I removed the icky blind from the window behind me (long story short, a kitty race made sure the blind was once and for all destroyed beyond all usefulness), I could not see the monitors of my computer until around 8 a.m.

Full force sun glare.

So, I bought a nice, classy wooden blind for that big window and called Handyman Connection, who sent me a lovely Handywoman (hey, Handyman, is it time for a name alteration?) named Gina.

Now, before you squirm and wonder, yes of course my guy could have installed this in 12 minutes flat but he’s really busy at work right now and he works on the house all the time and this was something quick and easy that I could get done with a quick call and $60. So, I did.

This morning, you can see the window with the blind:

Classy new wooden blind installed by Handyman Connection

Lots of sun, right?

And my desk – tada!


Classy new wooden blind installed by Handyman Connection

I can seeĀ  to work. Yeehaa!

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