An April Knitting Getaway

I started my Saturday with a grin because I was going to be knitting all day with some of my favorite people at The Cliff House, one of my favorite places. I started with a drive through Garden of the Gods to snap some photos of the Peak behind the red rocks of the Garden for my parents.

Garden of the Gods with Pikes Peak behind

Then, I arrived at the Cliff House to see lovely spring-time flowers.

Spring flowers at the Cliff House

Our tables were all set with gift bags and lights:

Beautifully set tables on knitting day

… and we got down to the business of the day pretty quickly.

Knit getaway at the Cliff House

I worked on my Coco bag, which will be felted. I worked on my red socks, for which I am doing a heel that is new to me (hence the book, Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson).

Knitting progress at knitting day

We had a lovely lunch, sat in the sun when it was warmer, and generally gabbed through our day. It was a perfect day.

Today, as I am working, I hear the lawn machines all through the neighborhood. In Colorado Springs, we typically plug our lawns in the Spring. This helps to aerate the ground and allow more oxygen and rainwater to penetrate. The soil is so dense here that some form of aeration is necessary – it can be as simple as walking around and stabbing the ground with a pitchfork, but that has limited penetration and is much more time-consuming. As each homeowner calls their favorite company and each truck-and-trailer stops at the different houses, I wonder if there is rivalry between these teams? Do they scowl at each other and plot aeration revenge? I can see it now, a new TV show called Lawn Care Wars.

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