Finished a knitting project and I don’t Love it

A while ago, I started knitting the Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West using a perfect-for-spring color of Sublime Yarns. After I figured out how to do the increases the right way, it went along very nicely.

Yesterday, I blocked it with blocking wires and sprayed it with water to get the curling to lie down.

Springtime Boneyard Shawl - post blocking

That worked pretty well (the fold you see above is my quick toss, the shawl actually lies flat), but my assessment of the finished project is that I don’t quite like it. Why?

It’s just too bulky.

Springtime Boneyard Shawl - post blocking

I think it would be better if it were longer (with more increases) and less deep (with fewer rows). The length is plenty for wrapping it securely, but I’d like it to be longer and thinner.

I may be wearing it in the deep of winter when the cold hits and I want complete coverage under my jacket, but we’ll see. The shawl as I knit it is a half a square, so the pattern could easily be made into a fun baby blanket too, I think. Just do one side with increases and one side with decreases.

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