An Easter hike to St. Mary’s Falls … in the snow

Well, it’s Colorado after all and snow on Easter is always a possibility. I know when my girls were little and we did the Easter egg hunt, we had to consider hiding them inside the house as an option. When I was chatting with the ladies in the gym this weekend, we discussed the options for hiding Easter eggs in Colorado. Some of their ideas included:

– hiding the eggs in the trees

– hiding the eggs in the garage

– hiding the eggs inside the church buildings

We had a lovely Easter hike up the St. Mary’s trail yesterday. It was chilly but not cold and it was damp with all the snow and the mist in the air.

St. Mary's Falls trail, April 2011 Colorado

The trail was actually quite dry as the snow hadn’t started melting yet. There was almost no wind and so the snow hadn’t been knocked off the trees either … it was magical.

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A stream runs along the side of the trail (on the left as you head toward the falls). The water was running (not frozen) and so it added a lovely sound to the hike.

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At times, there are small falls along the creek and these are simply lovely. In the warmer months, this is a great trail for spotting wildflower, including columbines.

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When we arrived at the falls, snow started falling. It was misty and dream-like.

St. Mary's Falls Trail, Colorado

I’m just glad I’m not trying to hide Easter eggs in this stuff.

St. Mary's Trail, Colorado

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  1. April 26, 2011

    Looks beautiful! And, looks a lot like Easter in Vermont, at any altitude!


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