Yahoo! I got registered for Sock Summit 2011

If you were at the first Sock Summit, then you know why I’m jumping up and down for joy. It was the most friendly and joyful knitting experience I’ve ever had. Complete and total strangers became fast, fierce friends in mere minutes – all over the thrills and challenges that come with knitting, and sock knitting in particular.

An idea conceived by Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts and her friend, Stephanie – the Yarn Harlot herself, the Sock Summit is a knitting even unlike any other. It combines high-value teaching from some of the most well-known and well-loved teachers in the industry with an old-fashioned sock hop, a sock museum, knitting races and more. I attended the first Sock Summit and I walked around on a cloud for days – even weeks – after. I learned a lot during my first Summit and I’m planning to enjoy the living heck out of the second one.

Today is registration for the second Sock Summit. You can see the classes and teachers – a mighty list of each.

Now, because I was all prepared, it took just 7.5 minutes (most of that waiting for the payment to process) to get my classes. I only took two 3-hour classes and one 1-hour lecture. When I went back into the registration process to see if I could add one.more.class, things were already showing ‘Class is full’.

Again, another whew!

This is going to be such an excellent adventure! If you’re going, drop me a line and let me know. I’ll hopefully be with the Dim Sum group – see the thread in the Sock Summit Ravelry group.

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