Out with the old and in with the new

Two days ago, I woke with severe pain across my shoulders and down my back. Now, I’ve recently changed jobs to work-at-home writer instead of work-in-a-cube writer and I suspected the long hours at my desk at home were taking their toll. Years ago, when I bought my desk at a furniture sell-off when some company in town was going out of business, I also snagged this chair.

Old office chair

I liked the color and I especially liked the price – $20. You can’t go wrong with that, right?

So, I’ve had this chair in my home office since 2003. It’s seen me through graduate school, long cold nights of writing, and lots of kitty snuggle time; however, I have been having more and more trouble with my back and shoulders since starting to work at home and I was pretty sure it was the chair.

That and the fact that I usually have a happy kitty sprawled across my lap and she likes me to sit in the cross-legged position as it gives her a better sleeping configuration.

So, after a full day of pain – pain so bad, I was severely nauseous with it – I hauled my butt over to Staples and bought this chair.

New office chair

Made by the Sealy folks and sporting memory foam, it’s high enough in the back, has lumbar support, and the armrests are completely adjustable.


Now, that and a massage and I should be back to normal.

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