The weather gods are laughing at me (not that it’s the first time)

The gods of weather are laughing at me again. We had nearly a week of clear sunshine and warmth – in the 70s and even 80s. In May! It was wonderful. I have a little color on my arms and cheeks.

Of course, this is typical of Colorado Springtime – snow and hail one day, warm and sunny the next, and then it gets nasty again. I usually wait until the end of May to believe it’s really spring, but last weekend I did the unthinkable act that apparently tempted the weather gods just a little too much.

I took out my summer clothes.

Now, you can plant summer flowers early and they will often do OK (if the deer don’t munch them), but if you dare to pull out your summer clothes and pack away the fleece, we’re all doomed.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Coloradoans never pack away all the fleece. We know better. Plus, climbers and hikers need the fleece in the mountains. Summer mornings are really cold at twelve thousand feet, let me tell ‘ya.

So, even though I didn’t put away all the fleece, I did put away most of it and pull out the shorts. Big. Mistake.

This morning, I woke and felt cold under both cats – each of whom was purring in a warm ball in the crooks of my body. That’s always my first warning that something isn’t quite warm. I wriggled out and they meowed a bit, but didn’t get off their warm spot. Smart.

The house was 55 degrees when I came downstairs and as I fixed tea, and turned on the computer, it dropped to 52.


So, I fought back by pulling on the warm clothes and turning on the heat. Now, as I’m looking out my window, a soft snow is starting to blow sideways in the wind.

I guess I won’t be weeding today.

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