On yarn dilemmas and breaking rules

Rules are made to be broken, right? One of my rules is ‘no non reversible scarves’ and yet, I have been struggling with a particular yarn in my stash. I can’t figure out what to knit it up into.

Let’s have a starting shot of the yarn so we all know what we’re talking about here.

Brooks Farm Yarn 100% Kid Mohair Primero

It’s lovely isn’t it? This is Primero from Brooks Farm Yarns.

So, how does a knitter get in this position?

First, knitters are people and people are fallible. With knitters this means we often buy a yarn that we love – the color or the texture or the twist, something about that yarn appeals to us – even when we have no clue what we’ll knit it into. This particular action comes with a double back-hand slap: if you don’t know what you’re going to knit it into, you don’t know how much of it you need.

There are different approaches to solving this problem and different knitters at different times will take one of these diversionary tactics:

  1. The knitter may put the yarn down, and walk away (note, this doesn’t happen as often as you think it might).
  2. The knitter may buy plenty of the yarn thinking of having enough no matter he or she decides to knit it into.
  3. The knitter may buy only a little thinking she or he will at least have the starting yarn necessary and later buy more using the ball band for information.

So, how did I come by this particular yarn?

I was at the Estes Park Wool Market some years ago (only a couple of years into knitting) and this yarn called me, sang to me, seduced me. I had the naive-knitter’s idea to knit a little sweater with it. In Kid Mohair! Are you kidding me?

Anyway, so I was thinking sweater and so I bought a lot. This yarn comes in generous 500-yard skeins and it’s soft, so soft, to the touch. The colors were all mine – mostly deep red with a little purple and gold mixed in. I was new at knitting and I thought, hey, I can do this.

I get home and try swatching a gauge for a sweater and realize there was no way I could knit this into a sweater. So, I bravely switched gears and hunted around for the right scarf or shawl pattern. Of course, with over 1500 yards of this stuff, I could knit a bunch of scarves, but no matter.

I never could find the right pattern. I looked at Ravelry and at the Brooks Farm website. I resorted to knitting it up into a mistake rib scarf and found myself hating it – the scarf, the project, the yarn, everything. I put it back in the stash.

I recently pulled it back out again and started knitting it into a plain rib scarf. Here you can see the beginning:

Brooks Farm Yarn Primero

Not loving this either – the yarn’s too fuzzy for this. So, I’ve decided to try something entirely different: the Butternut Scarf pattern from KnitSpot.

I’m so hoping this will work. Along the way, I’ve realized that pulling out kid mohair is awful and it’s not too great on the yarn either. This better work.


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  1. May 31, 2011

    Oh my-I am a knitter, and do I Know what you mean. It is hard to walk away from yarn–especially soft yarn that May or May not be on sale. At least you’ve started something. Which means, I must go find my winder and wind some yarn. just because.

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