Women amaze me – their strength, their grace, their gifts

This morning, I went to the imaging center for a follow-up mammogram. Nothing too serious, just some cysts the doctor wanted to keep an eye on. Unfortunately, I had my appointment at 7:30 and the office had it at another time, plus the office was down two technicians, but I decided to stay and let them work me into their schedule so I didn’t have to reschedule (again).

I always have to remember when I go in there that we’re not all there for routine matters. Some of us are in there because we are facing grave medical situations and we’d rather be anywhere than in that office, wearing that gown over only half our clothing. No matter how warm they keep that room and no matter how many water bottles or cookies they have available, it’s scary.

Of course, as we waited, we started chatting just a little – gently, because you never know what fear is being held tightly under control beneath those lovely faces – about the weather and what you’re in here for. One woman revealed she’d had cancer and was in for a follow-up. We all expressed our sympathy and showed caring. Then, quietly shared what we were here for. Again, as women do. We recognize people in tough circumstances and we nurture and share.

She got called and headed out for the second time, and we all said good luck to her quietly. When she came back, she  surprised me by whirling around the corner and hugging me tightly. She was smiling and happy. Her latest results were excellent. She was safe. I held her back, this complete stranger and felt warm and cared for even though I had no reason to fear. My ‘condition’ was minor, not scary at all.

I momentarily felt I didn’t deserve the hug, shouldn’t I be sicker to receive such a treat? Then I remembered to take love where you can get it and this was her gift.  She got dressed and practically galloped away. I went in and found out I was fine as well.

It was an amazing morning.

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  1. Taffi
    May 14, 2011

    This is beautiful ~ thank you for sharing! And you do deserve hugs, no matter what!

  2. May 16, 2011

    That’s what I thought … but thanks for the reminder.

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