I give up – this yarn is FOR SALE

I give up. I can’t find any pattern to knit this lovely kid mohair yarn into and to get it off my conscience and out of my stash, I’m selling it. I really love this yarn, but it doesn’t belong wasting its life away wound into a yarn cake and sitting helplessly in my stash waiting to be transformed.

It’s not fair to the yarn, it’s not fair to my stash, and it’s not fair to me.

Brooks Farm Yarn - Primero for sale

I feel I’ve tried my best with this relationship, and it’s just over.  If you are a Raveler (and who isn’t?), you can see the price and details. If you’re not and you want the yarn, post a comment and I’ll tell you about it.

Brooks Farm Yarn - Primero for sale

I feel I must repeat.

This is not the yarn’s fault. It’s a lovely, amazing yarn, but I really cannot keep it.

I want to move on to other projects and to alleviate my distress over parting with this yarn, I ordered more from my favorite yarn store, The Loopy Ewe:

My yarn from the Loopy Ewe

* kitty not included, she’s just inspecting

Yeehaa! I feel better already. Let the knitting begin joyously again!

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