Things are just starting to bud here …

I know many of you are in full Spring weather, even Summer (blech!), but last week, we had a full week of blowing snow, light hail, and rain.  That was just after two of the most perfect warm Spring days I have ever seen.

The Thunderchild Crabapple started blooming:

Thundershild Crabapple tree

And, even though it wasn’t the END of May, I got brave (or stupid, we had frost last night) and planted some flowers in the pots around the house.

Dianthus flowers

The pine cones are for a light mulch and to keep the squirrels from digging up the entire frickin’ flower. Hey, it’s happened before.

Now, every day I run out to spritz flowers here and there with a vile brew that works (somewhat) to keep the deer from eating my flowers. You see, deer like flowers and my neighbor and I trade deer-snack duty.  She puts out a few tulips and I watch them get chomped like kids eating lollipops. Then, I put out flowers and she watches from her window as they tear them up. It’s hopeless and helpless and more than a little sick, but every Summer we do it. We can’t help it. We love the flowers.

This is Charlie. He’s got a hurt foot, but he gets around pretty well anyway. My husband thinks it’s funny to name the creatures around here, but here’s my theory: you can’t yell at them if they don’t have names. Right?


I’m keeping a very close eye on you buddy!

I think this adorable little one is his little sister.

Adorable little sister

She’s cute now, sure. But she’ll be a dangerous little flower chomper soon too.

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  1. May 23, 2011

    oh my gosh…beautiful!

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