It’s a bird, it’s a plane! Oh wait, it’s just a really big bird

A few years ago, our pond was filled with koi, and then it was discovered by a blue heron. Now, we have no koi and we’re waiting to re-work the pond before we add them back in. Why do we have no koi? Because we have regular visitors from a huge blue heron and the bears.

Yesterday the dastardly blue heron stopped by … just to be sure there weren’t any other snacks left, I’m sure.

Blue heron flying away

He saw me coming close to the window with the camera and took off.

Bugger. I can’t find the other pictures I have of this guy, but he’s really tall – about 5 feet when he’s standing on the ground. His wing span seems almost pre-historic it’s so wide. There’s actually a whooshing sound when he flies by. The neighbors say he lands on our roof sometimes. He must look amazing up there.

As we took off, he scared the little baby deer who had been sleeping right where mama put him or her on the lower lawn.

Baby deer


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