How a tree comes down – diy vs pro

We had a tall aspen that was positioned between our house and the neighbor’s extravagant deck.

Now, we are veteran DIY’ers and we have a method all our own for tree removal that would make my dad laugh and my mother cringe. It involves tying a rope around the tree way up high. I man the rope and my guy climbs a ladder with the chain saw. My job is to pull the tree in the direction we want it to fall without letting it land on me.

I’m thinking I need to learn to run the chain saw, don’t you agree? Then, Mr. Man can run around like a chicken pulling ropes and dodging tree limbs.

Since I couldn’t figure out how to DIY this safely (i.e., without damaging their deck, our fence, or our house), I called in a pro.

This is Marty.

Eco Tree Services

He owns a company called Eco Tree Services and he gave me a great price on taking down this tree safely.  As you can see from the photo, the neighbor’s deck, a large pine tree, and of course my house are all in the way of taking down this tree by our usual DIY method.

So, for this particular tree, however, we called Marty and he took down the tree in bits.

Eco Tree Services

As he cut each chunk off, he dropped it neatly on the rock bed below.

Eco Tree Services

I asked Marty if he did rock climbing as well and he said, get this, “No way, nothing to hang onto!”

Shorter and shorter it gets …

Removing a tree

until the final result is.

Removing a tree

This always makes me sad, but that tree was going to fall on something, so it was self protection. Anyone need some firewood?

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