Acacia Park Yarn Bombing

This weekend, a group of knitters and crocheters ended up in the cool morning Colorado air sewing cozies on the trees of Acacia Park in downtown Colorado Springs. The event had official approval from the City and the Forest Service (just in case you were worried) and it drew a lot of attention from passersby.

The morning started out like this:

Acacia Park Yarn Bomb event

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself – huh, what is yarn bombing? Try a quick Google search. This particular event was in honor of International Yarn Bombing Day. Yarn-aholics from all around Colorado Springs donated pieces of knitted fabric, which were then sewn together and used to wrap the trees in cozies.

Colorado Springs Yarn Bomb event

Each tree has a different look.

Colorado Springs Yarn Bomb event

Each blanket was quickly sewn on by volunteers.

Acacia Park Tree Cozies

It was great fun to be there – such a happy, creative group!

Acacia Park Tree Cozies

The branches of this tree were individually wrapped.

Acacia Park Tree Cozies

Here’s the lineup.

Acacia Park Tree Cozies


And here they are individually – this one should make the kids happy.

Acacia Park Tree Cozies

Acacia Park Tree Cozies
Acacia Park Tree Cozies

And finally … a happy row of daffodils.

International Yarn Bomb Day - Colorado Springs

Any bets on whether these will all be stolen? The artist of these lovely flowers has decreed that if they are stolen, we hope they will each be love. I like the sentiment.

By the way … each of the donated pieces will be re-sewn into blankets and sent off to children in Africa. This might be ‘graffiti’, but it’s graffiti with a purpose.

Edited for story link in the local newspaper.

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