A little Coco bag – all felted and ready to go

A few months ago, on our trip to Taos, I picked up a hand-dyed wool yarn called STRANDavarious from the Yarn Shop in Taos. I wanted to make this felted bag.

I had to wash/spin it in hot and cold 4 full times to get the fabric dense enough for the grommets.

Felted Coco bag drying

Here it is drying again. Interesting use of my hair clips, eh?

Then, came putting in the silver grommets.

Little Coco bag - putting in the grommets

It took me a bit to figure out how to get the grommets firmly in the fabric and I did have to use my scissors to cut a hole, which is completely terrifying the first time but not so bad after the 4th or 5th grommet.

Little Coco Bag with grommets


I didn’t like how the felted strap looked, so I picked up some black leather and braided a strap instead. I put some silver rock-like beads at one end to keep the strap in place and knotted it.

Little Coco Bag with leather strap


And it’s finished!

Little Coco Bag

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