It’s the wrong color by gosh!

So, I started this great reversible scarf using some patterns on Ravelry and combining my own ideas.

It’s a lovely wavy pattern, and completely reversible, so it corresponds with my rule of ‘no non reversible scarves’.

Wavy scarf

I like my scarves long, and this pattern – with all the cabling – is a yarn-eater of the first degree. So, as I was getting to the end of the second skein of String Theory super wash merino, I ordered a third skein and when it arrived, I started knitting right along with it. Problem? It’s not the same color.

Can you see the color shift?

Wavy scarf

No? here it is with a line marking the change.

Wavy scarf

Argh! My guy said it didn’t matter until I reminded him he wouldn’t be happy with a table leg that was two colors of stain. This is in no way the dyer’s fault either. We all know hand dyed yarns have color fluctuations from batch to batch and we’re advised always to get enough yarn for our projects from the same batch so this won’t happen.

I pulled it out to where I added the last skein and bound it off.

Wavy scarf

It’s gonna be just fine dammit. And I can use the third skein for some fingerless mitts.


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  1. Amy
    November 13, 2011

    This is gorgeous! Any chance you reember the stitch pattern?

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