It’s weird when your house has huge holes in it

Let’s just start off with what my craft room looked like sometime last week.

Huge holes in my house

Yep, those are huge holes right in my house – exposing everything I have in there to the elements and the world. Odd feeling that is. The guest room looked like that last week, but it looks much better now.

The original windows were non standard sizes, and since the ‘standard’ size wasn’t much smaller (and a whole lot cheaper), we went with the standard size. We’re using Jeldwen double paned windows and we stained the wood ourselves. Another fun Saturday night in the garage, I tell you. We rock this joint when it’s time for upgrades.

Because of the different window sizes, we – and by ‘we’ I mean my guy did all the work, I just hand him tools and hold things still once in a while – had to fill the empty frame with a little more wood.


DIY window replacement

and bottom

DIY window replacement

We caulk everything and we stuff everything with extra insulation (again, by ‘we’ I mean ‘he’).

DIY window replacement

And then the windows go in (here’s where I am briefly useful for something other than taking pictures because I get to hold them in place while he screws them in from the outside).

DIY window replacement

Speaking of being useless … this guy is really no help at all.

No help at all

Once the windows are in place, we stuff insulation in every way possible.

Insulating the new windows

This helps an unbelievable amount – for noise and for regulating the room’s temperature. After everything is well sealed, the sheetrock is filled in.

Sheetrock and plaster

Then the window frames and glass are covered with paper to protect them from the texture spray.


And then, my guy places custom wood framing around the windows.

Custom wood frame

After that, I get briefly useful again and touch up the paint all around. Hang up the curtains, push the furniture back in place, vacuum all around, place stool in window for cat …

And it's done again

Whew! Here’s a version of the room with the flash on.

Distracted Max that time.

Here’s to hoping your summertime DIY projects are going just as well!

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