Too much work, not enough playtime

As the title suggests, I’ve been working my pants off this last week and therefore, I have nothing to contribute. Tonight, we’re going to hear some live music and this afternoon, I’m planning to park myself outside and knit. Until then, you’ll have to make do with some shots of the kitties getting their play on all week long.

I read a book on cats a long time ago and it said that cats like to vary their hangouts. This is why you’ll sometimes find kitties napping in the bathroom sink or other odd places. This is a new one for Emily, however:

Emily in a basket

Sometimes they like to play with the same toy (not often – this is usually a precursor to an argument!):

Max and Emily


Sometimes, I let them play on the one deck where I know they will be safe. Here’s Emily watching me water flowers.


Max likes to practice his ab workout in the hallway:

Max's belly

All is well in kitty world this week! Now, I’m off for some knitting time.

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