Photography Class Test in Garden of the Gods

So, I’ve been taking this photography class to learn how to use my new camera better and to learn to take better pictures. The teacher decided a ‘test’ in Garden of the Gods was a good idea. She gave us a list of the techniques and we were sent off practice them.

I worked on a portrait shot using my water bottle as the subject.

Photography class test - portrait

heh, heh, notice the blurred background? focus is entirely on the subject. Here’s another subject where it worked well too (obviously, this was not taken in Garden of the Gods):

Photography class test - portrait

Again, focus is on the subject and not the pile of laundry she is currently mashing.

Then, I practiced with taking close-ups or macro pictures. Again, using the water bottle as subject:

Photography test in Garden of the Gods - macro

And then, using the rocks as subject:

Photography test in Garden of the Gods - macro

Wow, the clarity is incredible. This technique is for getting pictures of bugs and flowers and things like that. Then, I tried a few shots using the leading lines technique:

Photography test in Garden of the Gods - leading lines

All lines are leading off to the left of the shot. Interesting. I’m sure that the example could have been better, but I’m working with what I’ve got.

Here is just a great example of the beautiful rocks in the Garden:

Photography test in Garden of the Gods

I can’t imagine a better place to spend a cool summer Sunday morning with my camera.

Later – and because there wasn’t anything moving in the Garden of the Gods – I went to the falls outside Manitou to try practicing with shutter speed. I wanted to use a gradually slower shutter speed to see how the moving water looked.

Quick shutter speed:

Playing with shutter speeds

The water is still mostly captured in place. Slower shutter speed:

Playing with shutter speeds

Here, I got a little more of the impression of movement. And a really slow shutter speed (I think I was on 16 at this point):

Playing with shutter speeds

Lots more movement in the water, down the falls and at the bottom.

Interesting stuff! Back in the Garden, this was my example of depth of field.

Photograpy test in Garden of the Gods

… and when I was returning home, I drove to the top of Mesa road to get a long photo of the Garden with Pikes Peak behind it.

Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods

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